Fast & Furious 7 will be the swan song for the late Paul Walker, but the changes being made to production of the movie due to his death are causing the budget of Fast & Furious 7 to skyrocket.

Director James Wan is doing what he can to complete the movie sans Walker in a respectable way, but his methods are causing the budget to grow considerably.  Once projected to have a $200 million budget, the Fast & Furious 7 budget could now top $250 million, which is a lot, even for a blockbuster.

Wan is using extra cameras to capture body and facial footage of Walker’s brothers, Cody and Caleb, who are being used as stand ins, while CGI will be used later to digitally alter the footage to resemble the late actor.  Weeks of this type of effects-heavy shooting is significantly increasing the cost of production.

Part of the reason for the budget increase is that Wan is not altering the script to reduce the role of Walker’s character. Instead, he’s finding creative ways to put Brian O’Connor in every scene he was supposed to be in prior to Walker’s death.

Despite the production changes and budget increases, Fast & Furious 7 is still scheduled to hit theaters April 10, 2015.

Do you think it’s okay for the budget of Fast & Furious 7 to skyrocket to accommodate Walker’s absence, or should the filmmakers alter the script?  Let us know below.