Paypal Testing Facial Recognition Mobile Software

Paypal Testing Facial Recognition Mobile Software

Paypal, the largest transaction company in the world for online payments, has started testing an interesting software for facial recognition.

The software will allow merchants to view a buyers profile picture via the Paypal App. They will then be able to use this as a verification for transactions.

The software is being developed for mobile applications, but we could see it move into the computer world if it proves to work well. Assuming that the application proves to be a success, than Paypal will advance the project into their online website interface.

This isn’t the first time Paypal has made headlines in the technology world. The company was purchased by the online auction site eBay a while back, which caused a tremendous amount of publicity. Not only for Paypal but as well eBay.

Could we be seeing a trend starting for other online transaction companies, and if it is a trend, who’s next in line to develop this type of mobile application? Our banks?

Chances are we won’t be seeing our banks developing this type of software with the ability to use it with debit cards.

However, facial recognition is something that is gaining headway, not only for payment purposes but security in general.

Some laptops come with facial recognition, and certain apps for the iPhone are being developed to help secure/unlock the phone via facial recognition. It’s an exciting feature and we are only beginning to scrape the surface of what could be a very large iceberg.

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