Percy Jackson: Was Wednesday Release A Sign Of Things To Come?
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Percy Jackson: Was Wednesday Release A Sign Of Things To Come?

Yesterday, Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters hit theaters.

Wait, don’t movies come out on Friday?

That question might be buzzing through some people’s heads, as many know movie premieres are normally on Fridays!

Yet this summer has been full of Wednesday releases, with the likes of  Turbo and The Smurfs 2 coming out two days prior to the average movie day.

This summer has been stacked with Wednesday releases to the point where one has to wonder: is Friday no longer premiere night?

Looking at it, the biggest factor going on behind these film’s release dates being on a Wednesday was because  of other movies coming out on Friday.

When Dreamwork’s Turbo hit theaters, it was up against the likes of The Conjuring, Red 2 and RIPD.

With so many movies coming out on Friday, Turbo hitting screens on Wednesday was not a bad strategy.

So could this move work for future movies?

It does seem like a good idea.  If two movies were to compete one weekend,  then one of those movies might gain an edge by hitting theaters two days earlier. It might generate some buzz, get people talking, and get more attention on that first weekend in the theaters.

But there’s a reason why the summer is likely to have more Wednesday releases as opposed to seeing more in the Fall. The problem is the variable of people’s work schedules.

A family film out on Wednesday won’t be effective if families don’t have time to see it.

Not to mention students’ schedules playing a factor as well.

As much as moving films to humpday could be profitable, it is still a hefty gamble.

While it may have worked in the summer months, we still expect Fridays to be the primary day that movies are released on now that Summer is done.

Would you like to see more films released on Wednesdays?

Let us know in the comments section below!

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