Pet Diabetes Tracker: The App That Makes Monitoring Pet Diabetes Easy

Pets get diabetes too, and it can be difficult for owners to manage their pet’s disease. Merck Animal Health wants to help make diabetes monitoring in pets easier for pet parents with its new app: Pet Diabetes Tracker.

Pet Diabetes Tracker is a free app for iOS and Android devices. The app allows owners to keep track of their pet’s blood glucose, body condition, exercise level, food consumption, signs of illness, urine glucose, urine ketone, water intake, and weight.

As more data is entered into the app, charts and curves are created to show the pet’s medical history.

Every chart and curve that Pet Diabetes Tracker creates from the pet’s information can be emailed directly to the animal’s veterinarian from the app.

If any information is entered into a pet’s profile that may signify the pet is in medical trouble, the app tells the user to call their veterinarian immediately and why.

Owners can also use Pet Diabetes Tracker to monitor their pet’s insulin injections and veterinary appointments, as well as order more insulin.

Madeleine Stahl – Merck Animal Health’s Associate Director of Scientific Marketing Affairs – released this statement about Pet Diabetes Tracker:

“To help ensure the long-term health and well-being of a pet, successfully managing the various facets of the disease and treatment is critical. Pet owners—especially those with a newly diagnosed pet—will find this app an incredibly useful tool because it puts all the pertinent diabetic health information at their fingertips.”

Interested pet owners can learn more about Pet Diabetes Tracker here.

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