ThinkGeek has designed and released a wonderful new product for Star Trek fans to embrace.

The new product is a gesture based remote control that can sync up with your iDock, Television or even your stereo, among other gadgets.

The new product is targeting Star Trek fans and its release couldn’t come at a better time than now, especially with the infamous Comic Con creeping up on the schedule.

The product was designed by the well known sci-fi prop artist Greg Jein, who has worked on the set of the actual show.

The look and feel is exactly what the characters would have used on set; it’s a 3D print-out of the model from the program, making it more authentic than other products.

There’s multiple controls on the device, including gesture codes and, of course, physical controls.

For example, you can eject the DVD tray by using a push and pull movement and adjust the volume by tilting the product one way or the other. However, as mentioned, there are physical buttons and dials on the device which also have a set of purposes.

ThinkGeek has designed a highly unique product that doesn’t have much competition in the market. The device will go on sale on the website in November of this year, however early customers can pick their own up at Comic Con in San Diego on July 23rd.