Phone calls from Santa are being offered by local governments, community centers and national organizations in the weeks leading up to Christmas.

One such organization is called “Santa Calls Me”. Started in 2005, it offers not only the phone call from Santa, but also “CD recordings of the calls, emails, and nice list certificates for all the good boys and girls out there,” said Kevin Lowry, owner of the phone calls from Santa service .

Lowry said that his phone call from Santa service provides a personal connection that isn’t generally available when the call to your child is provided by a local government. It’s even more personal than visiting a mall-based Santa Clause.

“With Santa Calls Me, Santa is able to have a one on one chat with anyone, youth and adults alike… Santa knows pets names, teachers names, age of the person he is calling as well as their name and sometimes the names of their friends.” The information is gathered during the online ordering process.

“It is such a surprise to many children to find out that their teacher is also on Santa’s Nice List,” Lowry said, adding “Santa can also take time in the phone call to remind children of the ‘reason for the season’, if requested by the parents.”

Lowry, aka Santa, also answers questions from children, such as “Who’s your favorite elf?”  and “How old are you?” He said his favorite question was from a 7 year old girl from South Carolina, who asked, “Santa, what do you want for Christmas?”

This is the most wonderful time of year to talk to children,” Lowry said. “The hope and joy they feel is tangible and contagious. I firmly believe that Santa is more than a guy who shows up once a year to deliver presents; drawing a line in the sand between who has been nice and who has been naughty.  He is a feeling, he is a movement towards love and sharing, understanding and celebrating.”

Lowry’s Santa Call Me service is available at