Phone Calls From Santa: How It Works & Some Of Santa’s Favorite Calls

Phone Calls From Santa: How It Works & Some Of Santa’s Favorite Calls

We first spoke with Kevin Lowry of Santa Calls Me just before Christmas 2010.

Now closing in on Christmas 2012, we checked back with the owner of the phone call from Santa Claus service to ask about how his service works in more detail.

Lowry emphasized the personal nature of his service. “We take the information provided by the parents, grandparents or whomever makes the order, and weave it into the conversation. Using teachers and pets names gives Santa an authenticity that might otherwise be lacking,” he said. The details are provided as part of the ordering process, just to make sure Santa has the most up-to-date information before the call.

Lowry also told CP that there was no minimum age limits on the calls.

In fact, one of Santa’s favorite calls was to a 58 year old man named Gary. “Gary had recently suffered a stroke,” Lowry explained. “Gary’s wife used the Santa call to congratulate him on all his hard work to regain the motor function on the left side of his body. Gary loved talking with Santa and was in a jolly mood after the call.”

Another one of Santa’s favorites was to a 9 year old girl named Sofia. “Sofia had decided to give away all of her Christmas gifts to needy children in her area. She said, she wanted to help Santa out this year since he has given her so many presents in the past.”

Lowry’s Santa Calls Me costs $19.99 for calls up to December 22. Calls on December 23 and Christmas Eve are $29.99. On Christmas Day, $32.99. After Christmas calls are also available through December 31 at $26.99. Santa can spend time with up to four children on a call. The cost for each child after the first is $4.99, and, according to Lowry, each child will be given the same personalized time and care as the child before.

A number of add on services are also available, such as an email or a recording of the call on CD.

Calls from Santa do not have a set time limit, according to the site’s FAQ page, but they normally last 5 to 7 minutes. The site also says that calls are guaranteed, “If the call isn’t everything you thought it would be, we will give you your money back.”

Have you used Santa Calls Me or a similar service for a Santa call to your child? Tell us about you or your child’s experience in the comments section below!

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