Approximately 23,000 pounds of deli-sliced and packaged Seltzer’s Regular Beef Lebanon Bologna is being recalled by the Palmyra, PA company.  The meat was packaged in December by Palmyra Bologna Company, Inc.  It is not likely to still be on store shelves in California, Colorado, Maryland, New York and Pennsylvania where it was shipped.

To date the four reported cases of poisoning are in New Jersey, North Carolina and Pennsylvania.  However, Palmyra is asking anyone who purchased Seltzer’s Regular Beef Lebanon Bologna in 6, 12 and 16-ounce packages (lot numbers below) to return it to the store where it was purchased for a refund.

According to the FDA, E. coli typically doesn’t pose a serious threat to healthy adults, and even if left untreated will typically resolve in a week or two.  However, young children and the elderly can be at risk for severe illness.  Palliative care, such as maintaining proper hydration and nutrition, are important, but there is no specific therapy to halt E. coli symptoms.

Food safety lawyer Fred Pritzker is requesting Palmyra Bologna to pay for medical care and other costs, such as missed work, for victims.  “Palmyra Bologna Company should immediately pay for hospitalization and other direct costs to alleviate the victim’s financial burden while related legal issues, including pain and suffering, are pending,” Pritzker said.  “The families deserve that peace of mind.”

Palmyra is yet to respond to Pritzker.

Affected products contain the following lot codes. Whole chub packages: 01351 or 06337.  Half chub packages: 01351 or 06337.  12-pound bulk boxes: 013151.  Best by dates range from February 14, 2011 – April 21, 2011.