Pixel Tactics Deluxe Kickstarter Funds In First Day

Level 99 Games has had plenty of success on the crowdfunding site Kickstarter, and its launch of the two-player card game Pixel Tactics Deluxe is no exception.

D. Brad Talton Jr. of Level 99 Games set a goal of $30,000 to produce a new standalone deluxe version of the game with 25 new heroes and a collector’s box that will hold the other four packs of cards, as well as mini packs and promos.

With pledge levels from $1 to $120, backers fully funded the project within the first 24 hours. On Dec. 8, with 33 days of the campaign still to go, that total had more than doubled to nearly $72,000.

“I was really excited to see so many of our fans join the project so quickly,” Talton said in an email interview.

“I wouldn’t say I was surprised — we have a close relationship with our patrons, and I knew they were very excited about the new launch. I think it’s not expectation … it’s more of a trust that we have with the friends who support us through these projects.”

The game’s art and play are inspired by video games like Final Fantasy Tactics, Soul Nomad, and Fire Emblem, but players battle with cards instead of controllers.

When asked what has drawn people to the Pixel Tactics Deluxe project, Talton said, “I hope that it’s the game’s reputation for great gameplay, and Level 99’s reputation for delivering great games.

“But I know a lot of people (including me) also really like the pixel art and retro style of the game as well. Hopefully a combination of those factors and the really cool promotional characters we have lined up will get people excited.”

Talton said he originally used Kickstarter because he wanted to make a living making games, and he knew he would have to start a company to do so.

“Since we started from broke, Kickstarter was the only option.

“Now we use Kickstarter mostly because it lets us communicate directly with our fans, and also because it gives fans an opportunity to make the game better. For example, we are able to do extra expansions, extra characters, or extra game modes because we get enough support to print more.

“I don’t think I would kickstart a game if there wasn’t something that our backers could add to it by their contribution.”

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