Pizza Hut, Papa John’s, Domino’s, Launch New Deals, Discounts & Items

A number of national pizza chains are kicking off the early winter season with deals ranging from completely new menu item reductions to significantly discounted favorites.

Domino’s Pizza initially struggled with its “Pizza Chicken,” however, after some tweaking, consumers can get any 2 of these 4 specialty pizzas for $5.99. A recent poll showed Domino’s crust consistently ranked high in its crispiness and quality.

Papa John’s – the ubiquitous pizza pitch man on NFL Sundays – is offering their “Early Week Mania”: A large 2-topping pizza for $8.99. This deal is available Monday through Wednesday. And if you’re feeling a tad more adventurous, the Fritos Chili Pizza is $12. (By comparison, a regular large sausage and pepperoni pizza is $15.) Although it should be noted the Fritos Chili Pizza has been met with decidedly mixed reviews.

Pizza Hut knocks a dollar off Papa John’s 2-topping pizza deal ($7.99) and is encouraging their customers to go for its online-only deal: Any pizza, any toppings, any size, for $11. Perhaps they’re trying harder because they’re number 2, but the foodies over at Epicurious placed Pizza Hut second in a “who has the best” poll. Domino’s held the number 1 spot.

The last of the big 4 chains, Little Caesars, ended their most recent promotion on October 26; at press time, a new consumer deal had not been announced.

Some of these prices and deals may be subject to regional restrictions; however, some locales may honor their sister stores’ offers.

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