Place Beyond the Pines Review: Everything It Is Hyped Up To Be

Place Beyond the Pines Review: Everything It Is Hyped Up To Be

Although Place Beyond the Pines has received several critical backlashes from reviewers, I thought that the movie was everything it was hyped up to be.

After seeing its pre-released Blu Ray version, I was very impressed with the final product and, of course, the magnificently written plot.

Ryan Gosling’s performance is on par with everything else he has done in his impressive acting career.

He portrayed Luke Glanton’s character to perfection, and made you actually feel frustrated whenever the character made decisions you could relate to in real life.

Gosling’s act was, of course, the bad-boy/outlaw-type that we have seen him play before in “Drive”.

His performance was excellent and his acting much more colorful than what we saw in “Drive”, where at times he was dull and boring. There was not a single dull moment in “Place Beyond the Pines”, and it kept me on my heels, guessing everything.

Bradley Cooper’s performance was also one of the best that he has completed.

I thought that Cooper’s character was the one which kept the story together from start to finish. Cooper played the good guy cop and did well in doing so. There were some minor issues with his performance which dropped him sometimes, but for the most part, Cooper did really well.

One of the more potent scenes was one of the final ones, but we will leave that for you to see and not give away any spoilers.

Eva Mendes stole my heart in this movie, literally. She played her character with so much passion and good will that it kept me in the movie alongside her and her turmoil.

Mendes has been known for her strong acting, but she shot her quality up substantially with this role. And to do alongside Ryan only meant that much more feeling, since the two can be seen outside of work being so lovey dovey.

With her career starting to heat up, and the way that she has been landing big time jobs, we can only assume we’ll be seeing a lot more of Mendes in emotional dramas like this one.

Along with the acting, the directing was spot on as well.

Derek Cianfrance has worked with Gosling before and by doing so, already had the relationship that one should have with their boss in any employment situation, trust.

I truly believe that Cianfrance should receive much more attention for his work on the film and with the actors, whom he consults with privately, according to reports.

The movie is absolutely amazing, the soundtrack is simply great, and the overall performance from the actors is by far their best work to date. It’s definitely something that everyone should see and touches on subjects which are relative to real life.