PlayStation All Stars will ship with 20 fighters only, according to Sony’s senior social media specialist Sid Shuman.

No new characters are going to be added, for now at least. Shuman tweeted that, “We have revealed the full launch lineup of characters.”

Here is the complete list of characters available with the launch of PlayStation All Stars :

    Big Daddy
    Cole MacGrath
    Evil Cole MacGrath
    Colonel Radec
    Fat Princess
    Heihachi Mishima
    Jak and Daxter
    Nathan Drake
    PaRappa the Rapper
    Ratchet and Clank
    Sir Daniel Fortesque
    Sly Cooper
    Sweet Tooth

The PlayStation All Stars will support Cross Buy, which means the purchase of the PS 3 version entitles shoppers to a free copy of the PS Vita version.

As reported by, Cross Buy works for retail and digital as well. Thus confirming that both versions of the All Stars will be available for retail and on the PlayStation Network.

Thus it makes the PS 3 version of All Stars available in a digital format as well.

Will the digital copy be available from launch day? No word on that yet. What is confirmed, though, is that irrespective of what format a shopper buys PlayStation All Stars Battle Royale, a free, downloadable, Vita version will come with it.

Here’s the official E3 trailer for PlayStation All Stars released by Sony.

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