At the end of last week, Sony stated that it would take at least 48 hours to get its PlayStation Network up and running again. Four days later, the site is still down.

More than 75 million gamers have been left without access to the PlayStation network, and Sony has no definite timeline for how long the system breach will take to repair. On Sunday, the company released a statement asking gamers to be patient a little longer while they complete the “time consuming” task of rebuilding the network.

At this point, Sony has not released the cause of the attack, but maintains that it is an “external intrusion” into the system. According to Satoshi Fukuoka, a Sony Computer Entertainment spokesman, Sony is conducting a thorough investigation into the source of the intrusion and its full impact, including whether or not the credit card numbers and personal information of user have been compromised.

In the wake of this outrage, a Microsoft representative offered a word of condolence for Sony to Electronic Theatre. Then, the representative stated that Microsoft expects an increase of traffic to its online network from gamers who own both systems.

The comment came after the launch of an online event that allowed gamers to play at the Xbox network online for free. The representative declined to comment on whether the sale of the Xbox 360 was expected to increased in light of the recent events.