Podcast of the Week: The Film Vault

The Film Vault is the perfect podcast for film lovers who to learn about films on a weekly basis. Presented in a humorous, off the cuff fashion that allows the hosts to discuss extremely dark, controversial films in a light, fun way.

Hosted by “Bald” Bryan Bishop and Anderson Cowan, two men who both have been mainstays of the L.A. Radio scene for many, many years. Working with the likes of Adam Carolla & Dr. Drew they’ve taken the experience they’ve garnered and created a show that will entertain any true film fan. Though they are clearly friends they share a very antagonist relationship as well.

Each Film Vault starts off with a segment called Flickfessions, where each of them discuss up to 3 films they’ve seen in the last week (or if they’re too busy shortly older viewing choices can be profiled) and give their honest opinions on them.

At the end of each show the show’s producer Logan Moy takes control and brings up the biggest film that is set to premiere in the following week.

The two hosts both guess what they think the film’s Rotten Tomatoes score will be the following week and whoever is closest gets to assign the other a film they must view in the following week. Sometimes they pick films they think they’ll like. Other times they pick films they know they won’t as a form of punishment.

Sandwiched in the middle they each present a top 5 of something film related and argue the merits of each other’s lists, at times very passionately.

Have you listened to The Film Vault? Are you interested in giving it a chance now? Let us know in the comments section below!

Consumer Expert Matthew Thomas

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