Podcast of the Week: The Uncanny X-Cast

The perfect podcast for any fan of the X-Men, The Uncanny X-Cast began in 2006 and has served a loyal fan base ever since.

It’s hosted by Rob Briscoe and Brian Perillo, two childhood friends who now get together over Skype to inform and entertain in order to make a podcast unlike any other.

What makes the podcast so unique is not only their focus on the X universe, but the fact that they dabble in all forms of entertainment including, movies, tv, sports and books as well as the family life of the respective hosts.

In short, the X-Cast combines elements of nearly every other podcast on the market. Do you listen to podcasts about parenting? The X-Cast does that. Do you listen to comedy podcasts? The X-Cast does that. Do you listen to entertainment podcasts? The X-Cast does that too.

On top of the wide range of content covered in each show, they stand out because of the amount of effort that has been put into making sure it actually sounds good. All the more impressive considering it is recorded remotely and host Rob revealed that they spent only fifty dollars on “the right stuff to make the show”.

Of course, not all podcasts feature a host that is an Emmy award winning producer.

One of the most labor intensive episodes of the show required 20 hours to put together, which resulted in one of the most entertaining podcasts of all time (episode 100), though a more typical show takes around an hour.

Another element that makes the  X-Cast stand out is the humor both of its hosts bring to the table. Whether somebody is being brow beaten for one of their many faux pas or the sharing of embarrassing anecdotes about themselves or more likely each other, there are few podcasts that are as funny as this one, including many that are hosted by comedians.

When the show began there was a pretty simple equation. Brian and Rob were both longtime comics fans, but Rob had not followed current storylines for many years.

That led to a dynamic between the two where Rob was fairly bewildered by a lot of the stories he was reading and Brian would attempt to enlighten him about what he had missed.

Rob, when not asking a lot of questions, openly mocked that which he did not understand.

Brian, who started out as the teacher of the two, was mostly bewildered by Rob’s antics.

Over the years since the show debuted, Rob has grown to be nearly as knowledgeable as Brian, which has allowed the once super serious host to join in on the goofier elements of the show.

Rob and Brian are far from the only personalities that have become a staple of the show. A wide range of X-Men characters (that some misguided fools may try to convince you are just the host’s impersonations) have made several appearances. An ever evolving roster of fans have been featured in several episodes.

Now if only they’d bring back Linguine and Mammomax!

Are you a fan of the X-Men? Have you listened to the X-Cast? Do you want to know who Mammomax and Linguine are?

Let us know in the comment section below!

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