Pool Lighting: Ideas, Advantages & Options

Pool Lighting: Ideas, Advantages & Options

While most people only use their pools during the day in the summer months, there is no reason you should not be enjoying your pool whenever you want. This means swimming after the sun goes down, in the early morning, and, if your pool is heated, at any time of the year.

If you have purchased a home that already has an in-ground pool, don’t think that you are at the mercy of the previous owner’s tastes. You can easily find lighting options for your pool or spa that will give off a personalized and fun feel and allow you to enjoy your pool the way it was meant to be enjoyed.

Standard Underwater Lights Promote Safety & Visibility

The most important thing when swimming at night is to have a light source that allows you to see where you are going and what you are doing in your pool.

For example, if you are unable to see the break in your pool (the area where the shallow end begins to get deeper) you or a friend or family member may slip and get injured or even drown.

Pool lights help brighten up your pool so that you can easily see the edges, steps, and any ladders so that your safety is taken care of while you are swimming.

In addition to safety, pool lighting also adds elegance to your yard in an affordable and efficient way so that you do not need to spend a fortune renovating your back yard.

Color Lighting to Liven Up Your Pool

In addition to standard pool lights, you can also purchase light bulbs or lighting filters in a variety of colors to add another dimension to your yard.

This is effective not only in everyday use, but also when you are entertaining guests. Halogen lights will flood your pool and the surrounding area with white light which illuminates the water and adds elegance and charm to the space.

LED lights with colored bulbs or filters allow you to transform your ordinary pool into a customized display that will impress while still giving you the sense of safety and security that you are looking for.

Installing & Servicing Your New Pool Lights

If you are unfamiliar with how to install your new pool lights or replace old light bulbs and units, be sure to consult an expert. With professional help from those that know the parts best, you will be sure to get the pool lighting solution that fits your home and personality.

The same is true when a bulb goes out or you wish to change things up a bit. Be extremely careful while in the pool and consult a pool lighting expert for assistance so that your pool can once again become the focal point of your home. Always remember to keep safety in mind.

With new lighting options in your pool you will be able to fully unlock the potential of your yard and enjoy your time outdoors long after the sun goes down.

photo credit: guy mason