Ignacy Trzewiczek announced that Portal Games will post three “gifts” for fans on the company’s website Dec. 24.

Those gifts are especially for the games Mysterium, Imperial Settlers, and Robinson Crusoe.

“Every year we try to make something special for you guys for Christmas,” Trzewiczek said in his vlog today, “and this year is the same situation.”

“During the Christmas Eve, you should visit our website,” he continued. “Look for stocking stuffers …

“There will be three gifts for you … If you’re a fan of Mysterium, if you’re a fan of Imperial Settlers, and if you’re a fan of Robinson Crusoe, you should expect something nice for you. And if you have a printer at home,  you will be able to print it and have fun.”

Mysterium is not available in the United States yet, but the Polish version can be ordered from Portal Games’ website.

Imperial Settlers is a card game where players lead a faction to try to conquer a new land by erecting buildings, training armies, gathering resources, and going to war.

Robinson Crusoe is a cooperative game — where all the players win or lose together — where the players are shipwrecked on an island and must survive together.