TV Journalist Carlos Castro, 65 , was found castrated and bludgeoned to death in New York City on Friday night.

Male model Renato Seabra and Castro were in New York for the New Years Eve celebrations in Times Square, and to go to some of the Broadway shows.  Seabra had recently been a contestant on a Portuguese reality show called “Pursuit of a Dream”.

“I think that they were a little bit upset with each other; for jealousy reasons,”  Luis Pines, editor of a Portuguese language newspaper, told the Associated Press. A friend of the couple, he stated he didn’t know anything like that would happen.

After the Castro and Seabra  saw two movies and  “The Black Swan” together, Seabra was to meet Pines’ daughter for dinner at the InterContinental,  a New York Times Square hotel on Friday night. Pines reported that his daughter told him when Seabra arrived, he was acting strangely. Seabra is said to have told his daughter, “Carlos will never leave the hotel again.” The concerned daughter immediately contacted hotel management. Checking the room, security guards found the body castrated and bludgeoned to death at 7:00 p.m.

Fleeing, Seabra was detained by police after he sought safe asylum at St. Luke’s Roosevelt Hospital. He is currently at Bellvue in New York for observation and charges are being considered, but none have been filed.  The police are waiting the official report from the coroner on the cause of death. The Associated Press reports the coroner found sever head trauma on Castro, but have not released the final report.