walking-dead-season-4-blu-ray-tree-walkerAnchor Bay announced fans can now pre-order ‘The Walking Dead’ The Complete Fourth Season. The Complete Fourth Season will be released on August 26, 2014. The six hundred minute compilation is available on both DVD and Blu-ray.

Prices for the five disc set vary.  Best Buy offers the lowest price point with sales set at $54. 99 for Blu-Ray and $49.99 for DVD. Walmart’s prices its Blu-Ray compilation at $64.96 and its DVD compilation at $54.96, while  Amazon priced season 4 Blu-ray  at $71.99 and DVD at $62.98. Target.com does not yet offer the complete fourth season.

Prices from ‘The Walking Dead’ official store are the highest, selling the Blu-ray collection for $79.99 and the DVD collection for $69.98. The site also offers the limited Blu-ray edition for a cool $129.99. The limited edition case may lure ‘The Walking Dead’ super-fans with its McFarlane Toys’ tree walker.

According to The Daily Dead,  fans can expect hours of bonus material. Details about bonus material have not yet been released. Anchor Bay Entertainment promises, “As with the previous Blu-ray and DVD releases, fans will be able to enjoy this groundbreaking series with pristine picture and sound.” ABE also stated fans won’t have to wait too long for specs and bonus material information.

After a record breaking season finale, The Complete Fourth Season sales will likely soar. What bonus features would you like to see? Post your wishlist in the comment section.