Pre-ordering Now Open For Gears Of War: Judgment – Bonuses Offered

Pre-ordering Now Open For Gears Of War: Judgment – Bonuses Offered

Gears Of War: Judgment is now available for pre-ordering… and there will be pre-order bonuses, including weapons and exclusive skins.

The weapon Hammerburst will be one of the bonuses offered through select retailers. Retailers will also offer exclusive skins as bonus content.

The multiplayer-exclusive characters, Young Marcus, Young Dom, Anya and Alex Brand will also be made available as pre-order incentives.

Amazon is offering the the Young Dom character skin and the 3-shot Hammerburst as pre-order bonuses. On their site, they state “you can play as Dom as he was at the time of Emergence Day, six weeks after his role in the brutal Pendulum Wars had come to an end. This exclusive character skin is for use in competitive multiplayer matches in Gears of War: Judgment.”

The game’s predecessor, Gears Of War 3, was released in  September 2011 and had mixed reviews. Gamers are hopeful that that Gears Of War: Judgment will put the series back on a more successful track.

Gears Of War: Judgment is set for March, 2013 release. The trailer for Gears Of War: Judgment is below.

Will you pre-order Gears Of War: Judgment? What bonuses have you found, and which are your favorites? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below!


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