Prepaid broadband data plans were added to Best Buy’s Connect service today. The new prepaid mobile broadband service will allow consumers to access Best Buy Connect without requiring a contract. The new service is being provided in conjunction with Telespree Communications.

“Best Buy Connect’s new prepaid mobile broadband offers more choice and flexibility for our customers. Telespree provides what we believe is an unprecedented on-demand mobile broadband functionality, making it easy for our customers to take advantage of our no contract, no overages, and no activation fee prepaid services,” said Jed Stillman, vice president of Best Buy Connect.

Last year, Best Buy began selling laptops with 3G and 4G embedded modems activated on it’s Best Buy Connect service. A small amount (100MB) of monthly 3G access comes with the purchase of the laptops. Best Buy currently has 19 laptops available with either 3G or a combination of 3G and 4G available through their site. Higher amounts of monthly data was available through a two year service contract.

With the new data service, consumers can sign up and monitor their data usage in real time with Telespree’s desktop app. Onscreen alerts notify users of low balances and expirations.

Best Buy also announced the launch of two new devices that can be used to access data on Best Buy Connect. Both devices will provide a way to access data from laptops that do not have Best Buy Connect embedded modems.

The first is a USB wireless stick that can be plugged into a laptop for access to Best Buy Connect. The second is a MiFi Mobile Hot Spot that can connect up to five other devices to Best Buy Connect simultaneously.  Both of these devices are made by Novatel Wireless and are being sold under Best Buy’s Rocketfish private brand label.