‘A’ is dead (supposedly), and the liars are still lying through their pearly whites on ABC Family’s hit show, Pretty Little Liars.

Alison DiLaurentis is officially back in Rosewood.  However, just as things seemed to be wrapping up and the truth was going to come out, Ali received another anonymous text, causing her to do a 180 and tell a kidnapping story to the Rosewood Police Department.  The other girls, while silently protesting, went along with it.  Spencer made the point to Emily, and then Emily again to Aria, that there is a difference between not contradicting the story Alison has made up, and adding to the lies.  It seems that the four girls are trying to avoid lying as much as possible now that ‘A’ is supposedly gone, but since when has that ever worked?

The girls’ story for the police is this: Alison was kidnapped that night, and a man has kept her hostage for the last two years.  Ali claims never to have seen the man’s face, so her kidnapper is supposedly still at large.  They claim that Alison escaped a month prior, blindfolded, and ran into the woods.  She says that the girls found her and have been keeping her hidden out in a shed in the woods until they felt it was safe for her to come home.

Ali’s story already has holes, especially with the other four girls trying to make things up with her as they go.  There are too many puzzle pieces and none of them fit.

The season 5 premiere ended with Shana, the most recent face behind ‘A’, being pushed off a stage to her death at the hands of Aria.  The second episode of the season continues to dive into Aria’s guilt behind her act of self defense.  Aria is panic-striken and paranoid, her guilt eating her alive.  “Someone is dead.  And she will never be able to recover, or apologize, or even graduate from high school because I killed her.  I killed her, Emily, and I don’t know how I’m going to be able to live with that.”  She finds comfort in Emily, due to the fact that Emily is the only person that knows how she feels: “Aria, in that moment, it was you or her,” Emily reassures her.  “I went through this after Nate.  You think that no one can understand what this feels like, but I’ve been there.”

Jessica DiLaurentis has fallen to the same fate her daughter had supposedly succumb to 2 years prior.  While this is old news to audiences (revealed in the last few seconds of the season 4 finale), Mrs DiLaurentis’ body was finally discovered at the end of last night’s episode, making the DiLaurentis house yet another crime scene.  Her killer is yet to be revealed.

Personally, I have been thoroughly impressed with the show’s ability of late to give audiences the answers they’ve been searching for.  For a while, the show seemed to be piling up question after question without giving audiences a shovel.  We have finally been given answers, allowing us to rule out a significant amount of ‘A’ suspects.

However, I’m not convinced ‘A’ is gone for good, and I’m sure many of you aren’t either.  I think the ultimate ‘A’ has yet to be revealed.

Do you believe that Shana was the final ‘A’?  Let us know!

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