Preview Of The All New 2017 Cadillac XT5

Cadillac has revealed what is to be the first of 4 all new crossover’s, it will be called the XT5.

Being an all new vehicle, the XT5 has a unique chassis that is focused on delivering a dynamic ride.

The model is said to be 278 lbs lighter than the current SRX, and 100 lbs lighter the Audi Q5, and a whopping 650 lbs less than the Mercedes GLE Class, which could pay off in terms of fuel efficiency and performance.

The rear occupant space has received some extra space over the SRX, a total increase of 8.1 cm (3.2 inches) of legroom, and with the reclining and sliding seat, the passengers should be rather comfortable.

The interior bears a strong familiarity to the upcoming CT6 Sedan, so we can expect it to have clean lines, and a modern elegance. Adding to this quality appearance are the cut and sewn wrapped panels, instead of molded pieces.

Powering the CUV will be a same3.6L V6 that debuted earlier this year in the ATS and CTS sports cars. In the XT5 the company is estimating the enigne will produce in the ball park of 310 hp and 270 lb-ft of torque, so no shortage of power then.

With the modern concerns of efficiency the engine will have active fuel management technologies like cylinder deactivation, which will shut down 2 of the cylinders when the circumstances permit and auto start/stop to reduce waste while idling.

The engine will be harnessed to a new 8-speed transmission with the debut of what Cadillac calls “Electronic Precision Shift”, which was developed to reduce noise and vibration and being the first electronically controlled transmission shift lever there will also be a storage space beneath the center console.

A newly developed twin-clutch AWD system will be available as an option.

On the tech front the XT5 will showcase the latest safety and connectivity systems.

The same rear camera mirror found in the CT6 will also be used. The system works to enhabce the drivers rearward vision by 300% by using a video display applied over the rearview mirror.

The familiar CUE system has been upgraded for the XT5 to be faster and more accurate.

Like all Cadillac models in 2016, XT5 features 4G wireless connectivity, with a standard integrated Wi-Fi hotspot and standard Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

Driver Awareness and Driver Assist packages will also be available. These include automatic front and rear braking for low-speed conditions, Lane Keeping Assist, Rear Cross Traffic Alert, Side Blind Zone Alert, full-speed range Adaptive Cruise Control and Automatic Parking Assist.

For the first time Cadillac will offer the Platinum edition in this segment. As in the Escalade Platinum the XT5 Platinum will have unique trim inside and out including aluminum, carbon fibre and 3 typesof real wood.

Adding to the bling are the standard 18 inch wheels and optional 20 inch. Interestingly with the optional 20’s comes a Continuous Damping Control system to manage ride control in real time. Additional ride bushings on the rear cradle are exclusive to the XT5 Platinum model and are specifically tuned to provide added ride comfort for rear seat passengers.

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