Sony PS4 - Cross platform gaming a possibilitySony’s PlayStation Meeting 2013 event is going to take place today in New York City.

The talk of the event?

Surely it will be the next-gen Sony gaming console, the PlayStation 4.

The WSJ reported yesterday that PlayStation Orbis (the apparent codename for PS4) will allow players to play against other gamers on different devices – including smartphones and other handheld gadgets.

They also said that players will be able to share their scores, rankings and other stats on Facebook and Twitter. The console will also support direct sharing of gameplay on YouTube.

There’s even a mention of a PS4 controller with a touch pad, which gives credibility to the rumor that surfaced last week.

Cloud-based backward compatibility is a possibility on PS4, although the WSJ didn’t mention anything in this regard.

We will cover important details of the event tomorrow. For now, you can watch the PlayStation evolution series to gear up for the event.

What do you expect from the event? Leave your comments below!