PS3 Games: The Top 5 Deals For PS3 Owners

PS3 Games: The Top 5 Deals For PS3 Owners

As promised in a previous article on the “Top Five Deals For Xbox Owners”, we will now do some digging on behalf of the Playstation fans of the word.

It was, for reasons unknown, a significantly more difficult task to find great deals for the PS3 but, because we love you guys so much, we were determined to push through.

The resulting list is our top 5 deals for Playstation 3 owners (in order).

1. Free Games  With Plus

As we all know the best things in life are free and, of course, so are the best deals. With the  purchase of Playstation Plus, Sony’s premium subscription service for both the PS3 and Vita gaming consoles, gamers will get 18 free titles right off the bat with more games being regularly added to the collection.

Many PS3 owners, due to the fact that online multiplayer is free on the console, combined with a perception that the service primarily offers a small selection of low quality titles (throwaways), have opted not to sign up.

Lately however, there has been a noted improvement in the titles being offered (for free) on the service. The most recent games, Assassin’s Creed 3 and Jack and Daxter, are of very high quality and, have received glowing reviews from both the gaming press and consumers alike.

Any previous grievance you once had with the service should, we believe, be immediately dismissed as Sony has proven their dedication to providing Plus subscribers with a constant stream of high quality content. Signing up is now a no brainer but, before you do, you will want to check out the other deals on our list and save yourself even more money.

2. 90 Days of Playstation Plus Free

Sony, in what is clearly an attempt to get more gamers signed up for  Playstation Plus, is offering subscribers an additional 90 days (3 months) of free service upon purchase. Interestingly enough Plus, a service that is currently optional on the PS3, will be required of PS4 owners who want to participate in online multiplayer gaming.

It looks like Playstation gamers will soon have to get used to ponying up an additional $17.99 (US) every three  months to fully enjoy their console.

If you ask me, you may as well get an additional 3  months of free service to go along with your troubles.

If any of you, for some strange reason, have been holding out on purchasing a PS3, Best Buy is now offering the console for a ridiculously low price of  $200.

The $200 version of the PS3 comes with a Blu-Ray player, a Dualshock 3 wireless controller, and 12 gigs of internal storage.

This new price, which became effective on 18th of August, has dropped the cost of a PS3 within the reach of even the most frugal of gamers and now makes the PS3 the cheapest of the current generation consoles.

4. Best PS3 Bundle to Date

A limited edition, 500 GB, white Playstation 3 that comes bundled with a 12 month subscription to Playstation Plus, all for $319.99! Need I say more? (it’s available here).

5. PS4 Vita Bundle

Even though this list is primarily about the top 5 deals for PS3 owners, after catching wind of this particular bargain, it became clear that  it deserved a place on the list.

 As many of you may know, sales of the PSP Vita have been anything but spectacular. Sony, as a result, has been desperately trying to increase consumer interest in the device.

In an effort to do just this Sony is rumored to be releasing a $500 PS4/Vita bundle to the masses, thus bestowing shoppers with a whopping total of $150 worth of savings (400 for a PS3 and 250 for a Vita).

Sony has also said that it has plans to, though improving the interaction between their console and handheld device, increase the value of owning both systems.

Features such as remote streaming (stream PS4 games to vita), cross platform chat, and the ability to  use the Vita as a remote should definitely make you seriously consider this offer.

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