As one half of only two exclusive first person shooter games for Sony’s PS3, the Resistance series is well known among fans of the console.

The series, created by developer Insomniac Games, has been an FPS cornerstone of the console from its inception, with Resistance: Fall of Man as a PS3 launch title in 2006, Resistance 2 in 2008, and Resistance 3 in 2011.

The series is so loved amongst the PS3 fan base because of its well developed, story driven plots, fast paced action and unique, alternate history setting.

Despite the Resistance series’ strong reviews however, the games never really received as much mainstream attention as other FPS games like Halo, Call of Duty or Battlefield.

Insomniac Games looks to rectify all this this holiday season, with the release of the Resistance Collection. The collection will include Resistance: Fall of Man, Resistance 2 and Resistance 3, along with a slew of DLC previously released for the second and third games in the franchise.

The Resistance Collection will hit stores on December 5, 2012.  Of course, it will only be available on the PS3.

Both Amazon and Gamestop have the game available for pre-ordering on their sites now. And both stores have it priced at $39.99 with pre-order price-drop guarantees. If the price of the game is dropped before it is released, shoppers are charged the lower price.

Amazon does have a slight edge when it comes to the overall price though, as shipping is free. Gamestop offers free in-store pickup. Otherwise shipping runs from $3.49 (7 to 12 days) to $9.99 (2 days).

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