PS4 News: The New PS4 Controller Revealed?

PS4 News: The New PS4 Controller Revealed?

PS4 controller image tweeted by Digital Foundry

Digital Foundry released pictures that are rumored to be of the new controller for the PS4.

The picture is said to confirm the existence of a touch sensitive pad on the controller itself.

With the need to keep up with Nintendo’s Wii U, rumors started last month that Sony was looking at modifying the controller that they have left the same for nearly 15 years.

Later in the day, IGN reported another leaked image of the controller (again by Digital Foundry), this one looking a bit more professional.

Possibly an actual promotional picture for the new console. It also looks as though there is a speaker right under what is thought to be the touch screen, and what might be a headphone/microphone jack at the base of the controller.

Maybe it’s a tiny little vent for a fan? Maybe it’s a jack for an addition that we just don’t know about yet. The little light at the top of the controller is thought to be the integration of the controller for the PlayStation Move.

Since the new console hasn’t even been announced yet by Sony, nothing is confirmed.

This also means that between the time Sony announces their new system, and the time it actually hits shelves, anything that we see right now could be long gone.

Though at the end of the day do we really care how it looks as long as it works?

Sound off on what you think of the rumored PS4 controller.

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