Sony has finally announced that users with a PSN Sub account can now upgrade to a Master account after the age of the user turns 18.

A PSN Sub Account is connected to a master account, in which the parent or owner of the console can restrict various features for the safety of the child as well as their wallet. Nobody wants to find hundreds of dollars in fees on their credit card.

Such restrictions can span from messaging to broadcasting, to game ratings and spending limits.

However, once the owner of the sub account has reached legal age, the owner would be stuck with the same restrictions and would have to create a new account to bypass the limits.

This would mean they would lose their trophies, settings, messages and progress on previous games. This new feature would allow users to upgrade their account from Sub to Master while keeping everything they’ve earned.

Upgrading your account on one platform will affect all, including PS3 and PS Vita.

Find out how to transfer your sub account to a master account.

Are you a victim of a sub-account and finally joyed that you can now experience the whole PSN network without restrictions? Or do you feel that they should have had this feature from the beginning?

Leave your thoughts below!