After the hacking incident on the Playstation Network that lead to the theft of private information of millions of online playstation users, Sony is now offering free identity theft protection services to PSN users.

According to the Playstation blog, Sony contracted with Debix to provide all its US PSN and Qriocity account owners 12 month coverage of Debix’s AllClearID Plus program. This will include an insurance policy of up to $1 million for the damages cause by identity theft, including legal fees and lost pay within a year of the PSN security breach. Sony will start emailing a close to 100 million individuals sign up requests for the program and will give them until June 18 to finish signing up.

Sony also promises to monitor criminal websites and data acquired by law enforcement. If any personal information is found the user will receive a phone call or e-mail notifying them and will provide helpful tips to protect them. AllClearID private investigators and specialists will also assist users in case their credit card information is being used by online thieves.

However, Sony’s online woes are still far from over.

CNET  have reported that the hackers responsible for the security breach in the PlayStation networks have declared that they are going to launch another cyber-attack against Sony. They said that it is retaliation for Sony’s handling of the PSN breach. However, the new target will be Sony’s website and will be implemented this weekend, they said.