Radcon GiveawayRadCon is a SciFy and fantasy convention that was held at the Red Lion Inn in Pasco on the 14th -16th of this month.

In addition to a masquerade and some interesting demonstrations there were also quite a few panels on writing, science, and fantasy.

On Saturday night I went with my family for a couple hours to check out the costumes and vendors at RadCon.

I’d say that probably 80 percent of the people that went had some form of costume on.

From full Storm Trooper gear to a set of furry ears and a tail, almost everyone was participating.

RadCon also hosted some interesting vendors like Sinister Metalworks, where you can buy real metal bracers and chest-pieces among other things.

There were also quite a few demonstrations at the convention including a martial arts demo and a fire spinning demo.

The Girl Scouts ran a daycare with crafts and activities for kids so their parents could enjoy RadCon.

While we didn’t get to take part in any of the panels (our kids are a bit young for the Girl Scouts daycare) there were quite a few experts that came to speak at RadCon.

If you missed RadCon this year you can still go to their Facebook page and enter to win a prize pack from some of the vendors here.

The giveaway ends in four days.

Did you go to RadCon?

What would you want to see at one of these conventions?

Leave your comments below!