Rahm Emanuel

It is expected that Rahm Emanuel, White House Chief of Staff, will resign his position on Friday.

His interest in running for the position of mayor of Chicago has been widely reported. After the current Mayor, Richard Daley, announced that he would not to run for re-election, many Washington insiders began to speculate about Emanuel’s resignation.

To run for mayor, Emanuel will need to collect 12,500 signatures by November 22. It is expected that the Democratic Primary for mayor, on February 22, will be a hard race to win because so many are lining up to run.

Though no official announcement has been made from the White House regarding the impending departure, Press Secretary Robert Gibbs said that President Barack Obama has a personnel announcement to make on Friday morning. He even went so far as to say he would bet on two announcements. Most took this as a reference to Emanuel’s departure announcement, and the announcement of his successor.

Emanuel will likely wait a period of time before announcing his mayoral candidacy, according to sources, in order to distance his exit from the White House and his entrance into the race. It is also expected that Deputy Chief of Staff Pete Rouse will take the position of Interim Chief of Staff, while the President searches for a long term replacement.