Torrential rains from the remnants of Tropical Storm Nicole have left neighborhoods, roads and cities in the northeastern U.S. flooded.  

Many areas, from North Carolina up to Maine, have seen record rainfall over the past week. The rain has led to watches, warnings and rescues. Five people have reportedly died in accidents related to the weather.

North Carolina nearly beat its record rainfall for the month in a week’s time. 150 roads in the state have been closed, and some counties saw evacuations due to flooding. The state received 22.52 inches of rain since Sunday, bringing it very near the record high for the month of September, 23.41 inches.

The northeast is seeing huge transportation delays due to the weather, both in land based mass transit systems and at airports. New York City and Boston have warned travelers of ongoing delays at their airports.

Virginia saw massive flooding, with many people being rescued from flooded roads and homes. Norfolk had 12 inches of rain on Thursday alone.

All along the east coast, streets were left under water and people were sent to shelters to wait out the storm.

The storm is expected to drop 4 to 6 more inches of rain on the Northeast today, before heads out over the Atlantic ocean later tonight.