The autopsy of famous wrestler, Randy Savage shows that he died from natural causes.  He died on May 20, 2011 in a car crash that injured his wife, who he married in 2010 in a beachfront ceremony.  The autopsy showed that Randy Savage died from heart disease.  The fifty eight year old wrestler had hardened coronary arteries with an enlarged heart.

While driving on the highway in Florida in his Jeep Wrangler, he became unresponsive and slid into a tree after flipping over a concrete median into the oncoming traffic.  He did suffer some bruises and cuts in the accident.  When he died in the crash they did not know if the heart condition caused the crash or if he had died because of the heart condition.  Although it was found that he had a number of prescribed drugs on a therapeutic level in his system, alcohol was not a factor.  With no evidence that he was on any type of heart medication, it is safe to assume that Randy Savage probably did not know about his heart condition.

Randy, The Macho Man, Savage, whose real name was Randy Poffo, gained fame as a professional wrestler in the World Wrestling Federation in the 1980’s.  Some of his famous bouts were with Andre the Giant, Hulk Hogan, and George “The Animal” Steele.  He was famous for the catch phrase “Ooooh yeah!” and for promoting Slim Jim’s.