The well known rap lyric website Rap Genius has officially re-branded their service.

They reportedly raised over $40 million dollars to setup the new service which they have renamed to simply Genius.

The service began by offering the meaning behind the lyrics of songs; you could search what a specific lyric meant in a specific song.

For example, someone could search what the lyric “I believe I can fly” meant in Space Jam’s soundtrack, and Rap Genius would provide an annotated meaning for that specific lyric.

However, the company has re-branded their service to cover a lot more than just song lyrics. Genius will be handling requests for things like historical quotes.

The service is said to be designed to encompass even the most absurd requests for meaning.

Genius has also launched their very own mobile application, which has a built in search function similar to that of their websites.

When it comes down to it, there’s not much competition online as far as lyric search engines are concerned, so Genius already holds a monopolistic grip on the market.

Now they’re cutting into a new market entirely. It will be a year or so before we can tell if it was the right decision for the company, moving forward.

When searching for meanings online, make sure to keep an eye out for Genius, who happens to be the biggest player in the game as of right now.