Last March, the Special Victims Bureau in Los Angeles,  California found themselves with an anonymous delivery of 100 hours of grainy footage taken by what appeared to be both hand-held and security cameras. The detectives believe the footage had been a collection.

What became clear when the footage was enhanced was up to 10-20 disabled women being raped over what appeared to be a period of time. The rapes are believed to have taken place between 2007 and 2009.

A group of what appeared to be 8-10 men raped up to 10-20 disabled women who could not defend themselves.  Detectives on the case say some of these women were so severely disabled they were mostly unresponsive  during the attacks. Detective Dan Scott said one man involved in the rapes appeared to be paraplegic.  In  one of the scenes, the man  pulled himself out of his wheelchair, attacked the woman, then lowered himself to the floor and scooted under the range of the security camera. Some of the same men were seen in more than one of the rape scenes.

Posting composites of four of the suspected men, two of them have been successfully identified. One is Bert Hicks, 42, who is currently serving a sentence in Tehachapi State Prison for neglect and fiduciary offenses. The other man had not been identified to the public although the authorities believe they know who it is.

Although it seems the raped women were in a residential care facility, the Los Angeles detectives do not know yet if the facility or facilities involved are located in Los Angeles County. They are hoping either someone recognizes one of the men in the composites sketches, or someone might have information that might be of assistance. If so, authorities would like you to contact the Los Angeles Special Victims Bureau at 866-247-5877.