Rara Offering $2 Unlimited Plan, For A Limited Time

Rara Offering $2 Unlimited Plan, For A Limited Time

An all-you-can-eat music buffet for $2? That’s what a new music service called Rara is offering up. Alas, the $2 buffet is only for a limited time – a three month trial period.

Rara claims to have a music library with over 10 million tracks. After the three month trial, the price for unlimited access will be $10 a month in the US. This is the same price that other major rara-streaming-musicplayers in the music streaming market – Rhapsody, Napster, Spotify, and more, charge for comparable plans. Rara’s streaming, including during the trial period, is ad free.

According to Rara’s chairman, Rob Lewis, the service is a “digital music service that’s designed for the mass market of people who are either not technically literate, or like music but don’t know a huge amount about it.”

The company does not provide any details through their site or press releases concerning the origin of the name ‘Rara’, but we did some research that suggests it may come from a type of Haitian festival music that is called rara.

Rara features both new releases and oldies. There’s a way to save favorites and make playlists on their service. Music can be shared through Facebook and other social media sites. They have themed music stations playing different music genres. Once songs are played, they are cached on the local computer or mobile device so they can be played later, even if an Internet connection is not available..

Rara’s streaming music can be played through PCs and most Android phones, according to the company. Apple IOS is not currently supported. However, they say on their website that “Further mobile device support is scheduled and will be announced soon.”

Rara looks like it has potential, we’ll keep an eye on it and keep you updated here at CP. Stay tuned…

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