The Baltimore Ravens are offering an exchange program for Ray Rice jerseys.

Fans will be able to trade in their Rice jerseys for those of other available Ravens players.  The deal will only take place at M&T Bank Stadium on September 19th and 20th, between the hours of 8am and 3pm.

Details state the jersey must be officially licensed by the NFL and be manufactured by either Nike or Reebok.  It must have been previously purchased or available at the Raven’s team store.  This offer must also be made in person and is limited to one per customer.

Other companies are also featuring their own exchange programs.  Two local restaurants, Hersch’s Pizza and No Idea Tavern, received national media coverage for offering discounts on food and charity donations for turning in Ray Rice jerseys.  The most recent business to take action came last week when EA Sports decidedly dropped Ray Rice from their Madden NFL ’15 game.

All of this stems from the release of the recorded full altercation between Ray and his then fiancee, Janay.  Ray is seen knocking Janay unconscious in an elevator and then dragging her body out as he exited.

Upon seeing the full footage, the Ravens cut Rice from their roster and the NFL upped their previous two game suspension to “suspended indefinitely”.

Since the incident occurred in February, Janay claimed to have forgiven Ray but the media and public, for the most part, have not.

Is this backlash over the top or not enough?  Sound your opinion below.