With an impossible-to-match sense of humor and a fast paced mind, Royal Marshall has been called the mind behind Neal Boortz’s radio show.  Marshall’s dedication to the show and his colleagues was, “only exceeded by his intense dedication to his family,” said Boortz.

Boortz went on to talk about the fact that Marshall was always looking out for the show and for keeping himself (Boortz) out of trouble on air.  Marshall would offer informed opinions on topics that were being discussed, even if those opinions differed drastically from Boortz’s.  At this point, how the show will continue is unclear, but the Boortz show is scheduled to continue.  Marshall worked with Boortz for a bit over 17 years.

Raymond Royal Marshall died early Saturday morning.  The cause of death is still unclear at this time, but it has been reported that Marshall told his wife he was not feeling well and walked into their bathroom and promptly collapsed.  Marshall was 43.  He was whisked away to Grady Memorial Hospital but all attempts at resuscitation were fruitless.

Royal Marshall leaves behind two young children along with his wife.  By all accounts, Royal has a strong family and both his family and his fans will sorely miss him.  At the time of this writing, memorial arrangements have not yet been announced.