Ademov, a luxury electronics store, is selling a 24-carat gold-plated iPhone 6 for $7,300.  Apple already has a gold-tinted iPhone 6; however, for some, the real thing is worth the $7,300.

Even the Apple Logo is bedazzled with white diamonds.

They don’t just take your money and expect you to keep it in a case, though.  They apply polish and a clear coat to ensure it stays as unscathed as possible.

You can even request to have engraving added to your new smart gold bar, I mean phone; for extra money, of course.

For the $7,300, you get the gold iPhone 6 with diamond Apple Logo, a wooden box, and a maintenance kit to keep it sparkling.

If this doesn’t satisfy your expensive taste, fret not!

Ademov is also selling gold-plated MacBook Airs, other iMacs, and MacBook Pros.

It would not be surprising if they offered to gold-plate your newborn baby, if you so wished.  Joking aside, these guys are the real deal when it comes to “luxurizing” your gadgets.

What do you think about gold-plating and diamond-bedazzling your gadgets?

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