Real Housewives of AtlantaWhat better way to start off the second episode of RHOA than with its biggest star, Nene Leaks?

Nene was asked to ride in the LA gay pride parade to represent her show “The New Normal” on NBC. Nene had a self indulgent moment of reflection when she realized that the entire parade was chanting her name.

Nene sat atop an old school convertible, “plonking” and “blooping” at her loyal gays. It was all very “Cleopatra” meets “The Bird Cage”.

Phaedra, Kandi and Kenya met for lunch and Phaedra used it as an opportunity to observe the new loon in town.

When Phaedra repeatedly tells you that “she REALLY enjoys you” in her “everybody knows” voice, it can’t mean anything good. The lunch was a foreshadowing for Phaedra and Kenya’s soon to be rocky relationship. As we’ve all seen in the previews, Kenya gets a little too comfortable with Apollo. So comfortable that he jumps shirtless into a pool with her.

The most exciting part of the episode takes place at a “successful women” party that Cynthia throws in honor of all the entrepreneurial women of Atlanta. It’s a moment that’s been flashed in the season preview for weeks, the meeting of Kim and Nene.

As loyal RHOA fans, we all have mourned the loss of this extremely entertaining friendship, and have all hoped that one day it would mend.

Unexpectedly Nene actually makes the first move, begging Kim to stay at the party for 5 minutes to reconcile. Nene seems to be in such a good place in her life that old rifts just don’t mean as much. Kim secretly darts out of the party early, blaming it on a football dinner for Kroy. Just like that, our hopes for a reunion are crushed faster that you can say Louboutin.

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