Rebel Birds VS Stormtrooper Pigs In New Angry Birds/Star Wars Mashup

Rebel Birds VS Stormtrooper Pigs In New Angry Birds/Star Wars Mashup

Star Wars fans, and Rovio’s Angry Birds addicts now have something that they can talk about.

The newest in the line of the highly addictive Angry Birds game was released yesterday for Android, Windows, Kindle Fire, and iOS systems.

As a fan of both Angry Birds and Star wars, I have been eagerly awaiting the release of the game, and downloaded it to my Asus Transformer as soon as I had realized it was out.

In this version of the game, the birds are the members of the Rebel Alliance, and the pigs that have been accused of stealing their eggs are the Evil Empire. The pictures of the birds and pigs as different characters from Star Wars, going through the motions of the movie, is incredibly cute. Then again, I could have just been so happy to be playing the game.

The play of the game is the same as the others in the Angry Birds line. You fling your little birds towards towers constructed to keep the pigs safe, in hopes that you will destroy them. The Star Wars characters make the game. Who doesn’t want to slingshot a light saber wielding tiny red Luke Skywalker at Storm Trooper pigs? No one, that’s who.

What’s nice about this game is that it’s not trying to come up with a fresh story line for the Star Wars universe. It starts at the beginning of Episode IV: A New Hope (complete with rolling title screen), and does a loose quick retelling of the story. Overall, it’s probably the most fun I have had with Rovio’s Angry Birds since it was first released.

The game is free from the Google play store, though it’s $2.99 for the HD version of the game, for the iOS platform (iPad, iPad mini, iPod) it is 99 cents, and for the Kindle Fire it’s $4.99.

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