Game of Thrones Recap: Oathbreaker, Season 6 Episode 3

After last week’s epic ending of Game of Thrones, I knew Episode 3, Oathbreaker, would have big shoes to fill.

But GOT rarely disappoints. It didn’t have a huge impact like Jon Snow’s rebirth. However in this episode, there were plenty of subtleties you may have missed. Here are my favorite moments of Oathbreaker.

Warning spoilers and speculations ahead!

He’s Alive! – I personally was tickled by Davos’s reaction to Jon Snow’s resurrection. I feel like his request to Melisandre was sort of a last-minute Hail Mary. He hoped, but he didn’t really believe. I don’t know who was more shocked, Jon or Davos.  I wondered how Jon would feel about being brought back and I’m still not sure. He did what he felt was right and got murdered for it. I think he is pissed. I caught the break in his voice when he remembered it was Olly who stabbed him in the heart. He was all “et tu Olly?!?”  I feel like the new Jon might not be as compassionate as the old one.

When the Red Woman came to check on her patient, I got a clue you may have missed. She says “Stannis was not the Prince who was Promised but someone has to be”.

Book readers will remember Rhaegar Targaryen once believed that he himself was the Prince who was Promised.  Later he thinks his son, Aegon will be this prince. When Aegon was born, Rhaegar said “He is the prince that was promised, and his is the song of fire and ice.” Now if you believe R+L=J (and at this point who doesn’t?) it seems Rhaegar might be right. The prince with a song of fire and ice would need to be a Targaryen (fire) and a Stark (ice). So maybe he just had the wrong son.

Most of the Night’s Watch seems afraid of Jon now, so it was great to see Tormund and Dolorous Edd’s reaction to Jon. I’m going to miss their bromance.

Jon greets the Night’s Watch

You Can’t Handle The Truth!- Last week’s sneak peek at the Tower of Joy scene had us all salivating over tonight’s episode. I wanted too much out of this. The actor playing a young Ned Stark had his facial expressions down to a science! Arthur Dayne is badass. He’s all like “get at me bro”. He took on everybody and he would have won if Howland Reed wouldn’t have literally stabbed him in the back.

The most interesting part of the scene is how different the story Ned told about the battle was from the actual events we witnessed.  Ned Stark has always been seen as a sort of moral compass on the show. Knowing he lied about the battle and events surrounding the Tower of Joy affects everything he has or hasn’t said about what happened there. Meera’s father saved Ned’s life at this battle, and is also the only surviving person who may be able to corroborate what was truly found inside that tower. This may explain why Meera is fated to help Bran on his mission.

Also, Ned totally heard Bran call out “Father!” This means something. Maybe Bran will be able to go back in time and not only view past events but change them. The Raven is a hater and doesn’t want him to know this. Hints and speculation aside, this scene was really just a tease. We all know what’s in that tower, but we need to KNOW what’s in that tower.

Dany at the temple

On Wednesdays, We Wear Burlap. – Poor Dany is being marched to live with the Real Housewives of Dothraki and she is not pleased. When she sees those huge horse statues at the entrance, it’s the first time we’ve seen her look afraid since marrying Drogo. This is basically Daenerys’s worst nightmare, being rendered useless and unimportant because she doesn’t have a man beside her. She has spent the last 3 seasons struggling to make a name for herself outside of her father, her brothers and her husband. The mean girls inside the Khalessi retirement home are not happy to see her and they let her know it. The strip her and make her wear a most unflattering outfit. Apparently it’s really big deal that she has been out in the world chilling and conquering. There’s going to be some serious repercussions. I feel like she’s going to need some dragon help to get out of this one. Speaking of dragons, where the hell is Drogon? He’s the worst guard dragon ever!

No New Friends. – Varys is basically Santa Claus. We finally get to see how Varys gets information and secrets. It’s far less nefarious than it seemed. If you are good i.e., give him information. He just gives you the thing you want most. It’s so simple. Oh, and those little birds, they are just beggar children that he bribes with sweets and presents to find out secrets and spread information. This might make you think Varys is a benign character until you remember he kept the guy who castrated him in a for years. I wouldn’t cross him.

Tyrion trying to get Grey Worm and Missandei to play a rousing game of “Never Ever Have We” was hysterical and painful at the same time.

Thinking of a Master Plan. – Qyburn seems to have taken over Varys’s little birds. I was a little afraid he was experimenting on them, but instead he’s just giving them plums to become Cersei’s little spies.

We find out that Cersei plans to demand a trial by combat if and when the High Sparrow comes for her again. Seriously. this hasn’t worked out well for anyone. Cersei, Jaime, and Franken-Mountain decide to crash a small council meeting.   And if I’m not mistaken, Maester Pycelle farted.  No really. I don’t even have a joke here.

It was great to see the Queen of Thornes back throwing jabs at Cersei. But I’m a little disappointed. I thought by now she would have figured a way to get Margaery out of Rikers. This scene does confirm the Cersei is definitely persona non grata, with everyone.  Her uncle Kev is like “you can’t sit with us”. This is a bad move for two reasons One, Cersei is lethal when pushed into a corner. Two, Jaime is actually the voice of reason for once and they do have a lot to discuss if they want to keep Tommen on that throne.

Arya is the Karate Kid. – Did GOT do a training montage? Yes, they did. I’m not sure how I feel about this. I feel like her training was rushed because the show needed her to get on with it. Something interesting happened here though. Although Arya seemed to be really becoming No One she left out some names on her kill list. Does this mean she’s keeping some of Arya’s secrets so she can exact revenge? God, I hope so.

Rickon comes home!

The North Ain’t Loyal. – Smalljon Umber has a beef with Jon and his wilding allies. He wants to rumble and he needs some backup. He trades Rickon and his wilding nanny to Ramsey in order to start a war with Jon. I’m highly pissed at this. We haven’t seen Rickon in three freaking seasons and before we can even crack a smile, we realize, Ramsey has yet ANOTHER Stark child to torture AND Shaggydog is dead! Really? Can we keep a dire wolf? Please!?!  Also, what happened to “The North Remembers”? They seem to have forgotten all love and loyaly for the Starks pretty quickly.

Like A Boss. – You know how people have these epic stories of how they quit their jobs and walk out in some blaze of glory and badassness. This was basically Jon Snow’s Jerry McGuire moment. I am here for it. Alliser Thorne was not. He was not at all impressed with Jon’s resurrection and I kind of admired him for it.

At first, I had some second thoughts about Olly’s execution. Should GOT really kill another kid? Is it too much? One look at Olly’s smug face and I wanted to cut the rope myself. Now there was a lot of speculation as to whether Jon’s death and rebirth would free him from his Night’s Watch oath. I don’t know what the Westeros legal system thinks, but Jon threw up the deuces and I LOVED it!

Will he get revenge for his brothers? Will he claim Winterfell? Will his hair grow back? Will someone please tell him who his mother is?

I can’t wait to see next week’s episode!

In the meantime, comment, tweet me, email me and tell me what you think Jon’s next move should be?

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