For a limited time, Redbox is offering movie viewers daily “surprise” deals, including the chance to receive one free movie night every week for a year!

To get started, text the word “NICE” to 727272 once each day, now through December 10, 2014.

Shortly after texting, you will receive a promo code for one of the following offers: a 50¢ discount on your first rental day of any disc; a 75¢ discount on your first rental day of any disc; a $1 discount on your first rental day of any 2 discs; Rent one DVD and get another one free for your rental day; OR a year of movie nights (52 1-day DVD rentals).

The promo code you receive can be used when reserving online rentals and/or when using the Redbox mobile app.

Unfortunately, each code can only be used one time and there is a limit of one code per transaction.

Thus, no matter how many texts you send to Redbox during the 12 Days of Deals, you will only get one promo code sent to your phone on each day that you send a text.

The promo code cannot be combined with other offers and it also must not be copied, sold, or otherwise offered.

Also, keep in mind that message & data rates may apply.

All promo codes expire on December 10, 2014. The year of movie night codes expire on December 10, 2015.

As of right now, 12 Days of Deals is a text-only offer; however, Redbox urges those cell phone users who do not have text messaging to stay tuned for more great deals from Redbox.

For more information on Redbox’s 12 Days of Deals promotion, visit

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