Reggie Bush

The Heisman Trophy has been handed to college football heroes for 75 years with no problems, until now. The Heisman Trophy Trust is expected to take back Reggie Bush’s trophy before the end of September, according to sources close to the Trust.

The University of Southern California Alumni will be the first player in history to have his trophy revoked. This comes after many violations were found against the Trojan football program during the time in which Bush was a player.

Sources report that the Heisman Trust’s investigation is near a wrap-up and that it is expected their results will concur with those of the NCAA. According to the NCAA, Bush was ineligible to receive the trophy in 2005, when it was awarded to him.

Bush violated NCAA rules by accepting cash, gifts and other benefits while playing for USC, thus making him ineligible during 2004 and 2005. USC has been ordered to remove Bush’s name from sporting venues and promotional materials, and to take his statistics from ineligible games away.

While many preferred to see a quick resolution, the Trust opted to take three months in their investigation. Bush met with the Trust last month to discuss the investigation.

The 2004 Bowl Championship Series title for USC is still up in the air.  It appears that the Trojans have appealed a decision from June and the BCS officials are waiting for a ruling in that matter.

Bush has not made a statement to the press concerning the investigation.

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