Amazon & eBay, two online retail channels, are listing various autographed memorabilia on the online channels and interested consumers are being warned about counterfeit potential

According to MaloPuff Lifestyle, “Well, authentic hand-signed autographs can run from $50 – $14,000. Many factors are involved of course, which include the date and year of the signature, the quality of the photo or item. Below are some of Beatles signed autographs that are available now.”

Because Amazon and eBay both deal with independent sellers and buyers, and the high market value for Beatles memorabilia, there is the potential risk of replica purchase. MaloPuff offers consumers methods of obtaining validation of authenticity. “Frank Caizzo is the most trusted name when it comes to Beatles autograph authentication, and an expert at spotting genuine Beatles autographs for sale. If you see an autographed photo on eBay, Amazon etc, send Frank the link”they said yesterday. Caizzo’s website is:

According to eBay Guides, “there are very few original authentic 1960’s Beatles collectibles available. To obtain one, expect to pay $100.00’s to $1,000’s and up. Otherwise you are putting your hard earned money into some devious seller’s pockets, and obtaining a ten cent piece of junk.”