Resident Evil 6 Demo Released On XBL & PSN

Resident Evil 6 Demo Released On XBL & PSN

The eagerly anticipated Resident Evil 6, is now out on demo for the Xbox-360 and the PS3.

The Demo features missions from Leon, Chris, Jake’s campaigns. The demo is playable as single player or with an online partner.

Earlier the demo was exclusive to Dragon’s Dogma owners of Xbox 360, and later released on PSN. With the success of Resident Evil movie and game franchise, the anticipation with the next in line is very high. The demo offers an insight into the most ambitious project of Capcom to date.

Here is the break down given for the three stages available in the demo.

Leon’s and Helena’s campaign follows the journey through the C-Virus outbreak. In this campaign Leon is the close combat heavy character while Helena is the ranged character.

Chris’ and Piers’ campaign follows the attempts to stop the C-Virus outbreak. In this campaign we have Chris is the close combat heavy character while Pier is the ranged character.

Jake’s and Sherry’s campaign follows the attempt to cure the C-Virus outbreak. Here Sherry has a balanced attack with good close range and long range attacks while Jake is close combat heavy character with melee attacks.

Examiner reports,”The demo is an 889MB download and exclusive to Xbox LIVE Gold subscribers until September 25 when it will open up to everyone else. The game will be released on October 2nd for the PS3 and Xbox 360 with a PC version to follow at a later date. “

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