Resistance 3 For PS3: Pre-Order Info & What Bonuses Are Where!

This week, due to strong pre-sale demand, Resistance 3 ranked as the number 15th best-selling pre-order product at GameStop.

Resistance is a game series about an alien race called the “Chimera,” that have invaded planet Earth and infected millions of people with a virus that slowly turns its victims into Chimera themselves.

The games take place in alternative reality in the 1950s, after the Chimeran army sweeps across Europe and the United States. The main character in both the first two Resistance games was a soldier named Nathan Hale. In the newer installation of the series there is a new hero: Joseph Capelli, a former US Marine who has joined the human resistance to help stop the Chimeran invasion.

Resistance 3 will be sold in a standard edition for $59.99, as well as a Doomsday Edition SKU.

The Resistance 3 Doomsday Edition SKU will cost $149.99 and will include the following:

– A copy of Resistance 3
– Playstation Move Sharp Shooter
– Playstation Move Controller
– Navigation Controller
– Playstation Eye Camera

Customers who pre-order Resistance 3 at will receive access to the Air Fuel Grenade, which will release a large cloud of flammable vapor in the single-player campaign.

Pre-orders at Wal-Mart will come with a set of five custom name titles which yield exclusive multiplayer PSN tags.

Customers who pre-order at GameStop will receive a necklace of Chimera teeth and a multiplayer booster to Level 5.

Both editions of Resistance 3 will be sold at U.S. retailers starting Tuesday, Sept. 6, 2011.

Consumer Expert Ariel Relaford

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