Revenge has come to an end.

Victoria did not die in the fire.  Apparently she doesn’t have the guts to do it after all.

Emily (or Amanda.. it’s all very complicated) falsely confessed to the murder of Victoria Grayson.  Her plea allowed her to be moved into a maximum security prison, where she can plan her escape.

Victoria devised an elaborate plan.  Visiting her mother, extremely sick and on her death bed, Vicotira came up with a plan: place her mother’s body in the fire and stage her own death.  However, there is one problem: Emily is better.  Victoria and Margeaux are sloppy.

In true Emily Thorne fashion, she plots her escape from maximum security.  Met by Nolan and Jack, they put their next step into action: finding Victoria and putting her in prison.

Emily and Jack make their way to Mary Gaines house, discovering two key things: Victoria’s burning of her own mother and the real location of Ben’s death.  Their relationships escalates as they share the long-awaited kiss and make love for the first time.

Margaux finally reveals to Louise that Victoria is alive.  In proper Victoria fashion, she asks Louise to keep up the charade of her death, to which she agrees.  However, her allegiance may not be so clear.

The assassin that killed Ben came into the house, attacking Jack and stabbing him in the stomach.  Emily quickly makes her way to the hospital, risking exposure.  Louise agrees to help Emily find Victoria, feeling conflicted by the betrayal of Victoria’s forgery.

Nolan takes control.  He confronts Margaux and forces her to confront the choices she’s made, crossing the line and taking lives.  In order to capture the assassin, Margaux gives herself up to the police in order to redeem her soul.

Emily finds Victoria, pointing a gun at her head.  However, David Clarke shoots Victoria, protecting Emily so that she didn’t have to.  However, before her death, Victoria picks up the gun and shoots Emily.

Emily says goodbye to David as he passes from Lymphoma.  This happy ending includes her wedding to Jack, a beautiful ceremony as Nolan walks her down the aisle.  While nightmares still continue to haunt her, Emily gets her happy ending.

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