Review: New Super Luigi U – Can Luigi Stand Alone Without Mario?

Review: New Super Luigi U – Can Luigi Stand Alone Without Mario?

About two months ago New Super Luigi U was released as a DLC for New Super Mario Bros. U

However, many shoppers decided to hold off until its physical version was release last week.

The physical version allows gamers to play Luigi’s adventure without having NSMBU, and it only costs $10 more than the DLC.

It also saves gamers a bunch of space on the Wii U’s internal storage, and provides some sweet green-heavy packaging to boot. The green-and-yellow motif looks far better than the usual blue-and-yellow look.

New Super Luigi U is, essentially, a remixed version of the stages featured in NSMBU with a much tighter time limit than before.

This will likely cause gamers to rush through the stages as quickly as possible the first time through, skipping over the golden coin collectibles.

Before, you could get all of the coins at your own leisure because the time limit was quite forgiving. You could take as much time as needed to collect everything.

The new time limit means you need to be on-point and play with your A game as much as possible to make progress.

If you’d like to get the coins, you’ll probably need to settle for just getting one or two during your initial playthrough of a level, because you’ll need to master it to locate them all and beat the stage.

The new designs for the levels make them feel like more than just reskinned versions of existing levels. They play completely differently and offer up a new experience.

But the re-used assets make the game a bit stale. You get the sense that New Super Luigi U should have been a free add-on instead of costing $20 to $30.

Still, it’s hard to argue with getting a lot of high quality content for $30 – although owners of NSMBU will likely be served saving $10 and going with the downloadable version instead of spending $10 more for the physical copy…. unless the redone packaging strikes your fancy.

Have you played New Super Luigi U?

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