Review: ‘No Quarter’ For Revolution’s Third Episode

Review: ‘No Quarter’ For Revolution’s Third Episode

Although the third episode of Revolution, entitled “No Quarter,” had a pretty interesting revelation involving Miles and his history with Munroe’s Militia, the one thing I took away from the episode had to do with bullets.

While interrogating a rebel using Russian roulette, Militia general Jeremy (played by Lost’s Mark Pelligrino) talks about the lack of bullets fifteen years after the blackout.

“They can’t even make them,” he says. “Not in this medieval cesspool. No, we have to go scavenging for antiques.”

That’s the explanation. There’s no one around fifteen years after the blackout that knows how to make bullets. They have to go out in the woods and look for old musket balls from the Civil War, and thus, all the Militia members carrying muskets.

And I don’t buy it. Humanity was able to make artillery long before the discovery of electricity, and there are people out there that still know how to hard cast a bullet.

Not to mention all the swords that everyone seems to be carrying around. If they can figure out how to make bladed weapons, they should be able to figure out how to make bullets. If libraries still exist, they at the very least have the ability to look up how to do it.

Jumps in logic like having to scavenge for bullets and the world falling apart six months after the blackout make it hard to watch Revolution.

Besides the bullet talk, “No Quarter” revealed that Miles helped Sebastian Munroe with the forming of Munroe’s Militia. Munroe’s Militia, in fact, may not have been possible without Miles’ help.

Also, Zak and Maggie make their way to Grace’s house, but she’s nowhere to be found. Since there’s no body left behind, it’s easy to assume that her surprise visitor from last episode kidnapped her and the two will show up again somewhere down the road.

Zak finds Grace’s homemade computer upstairs and tries to figure out why she had a homemade computer in the first place. After spending the day trying to see if they can get the power back on, Zak gives up. And as soon as he does, the little amulet that Ben gave him lights up. A CD player turns on. Maggie turns on her iPhone and sees a picture of her children for the first time in fifteen years. It’s a nice moment, if not a somewhat random one.

Revolution may be an intriguing series, but it’s also a frustrating one. For every major moment, there’s a seemingly minor detail that feels out of place. As the out of place details add up, the show’s world becomes less logical and more questionable. If the world of the show can’t make sense of itself, how can its viewership?

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